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The Overlorde Web Store is available for orders shipping to North America only. See bottom for options outside North America.

NOTE: Shipping available to North America only. Product is manufactured in the EU, Canadian and Mexican customers may be subject to fees and tariffs.
Also note that "Silver Marbled" limited edition Vinyl LP is an exclusive to the No Remorse Records web store. It is not available anywhere else.

Problems or questions? Send e-mail to

For orders outside of North America, consider these links:

No Remorse Records Webstore (Greece/EU/Worldwide)

***North Americans can use this to order the "Silver Marbled" Vinyl LP***

High Roller Records Webstore (Germany)

Disk Union (Japan)

DIGITAL DOWNLOADS: MP3s and WAV (High Resolution) files  for the

Overlorde album "Return of the Snow Giant" are available to purchase on the MUSIC page.
Separate purchase required, can not be added to the merchandise cart.

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