CLASSIC METAL FEST is now a part of metal history. Thanks to Brad Youngblood and his crew (including Stage manager and newly recruited  Raider John Yorke) for a smooth running show, along with Bill Peters , Joe Kleon, Ranger Damian, Raider Isabel and everyone else who had a hand in the show.


Photos from CLASSIC METAL FEST 2002 Click on thumbnails to see full size pictures

Photos by Karl Hiller, OFR #195-R

Kong, Bobby and DaveBobby, Dave, and M.E.Kong and M.E. Bobby, M.E, and a psyched up crowd!

King Fowley sighting!Mark of the Wolf! Karl Hiller, Joey Vera, Bobby Lucas, Jack FrostHail true metal!


More photos from CLASSIC METAL FEST 2002 by Karl Hiller posted 1/20/2003.

Click on thumbnails to see full size pictures.

Raise your hands Cleveland!Another King Fowley sighting!Dave Wrenn pounding out the thunder...Bobby, Kong, Dave and M.E.

Kong lives!Kong, Dave, Bobby and M.E.Colossus, Island of the Cyclops!Dave (background) and M.E.


Karl Hiller also captured Bobby as he joined his former band SEVEN WITCHES (Noise Rec.) onstage for a version of Judas Priest's Diamonds and Rust.

Also joining them onstage is Bob Mitchell of VYNDYKATOR. Pictures posted 1/20/2003.

Brian Craig, Bobby and Jack FrostJoey Vera, Bob Mitchell, Bobby and Jack FrostBob Mitchell, Brian Craig, Bobby and James Rivera



More CMF pictures are also posted at FORCE RECON EUROPA. These pictures, taken by Eddy Vermeiren OFR# 52-P who runs "Den of Iniquity" fanzine, can be found by clicking here and going to the PICS page.

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