Please welcome Overlorde's new drummer, George Janeira! Read the Press Release on BRAVE WORDS.


5/5/2016: Overlorde is mixing the music recordings for three new songs. Once completed, we will begin the audition process for our new vocalist. If you are a vocalist interested in joining Overlorde, please email us at:




Fireworks (UK)  "...a potential classic." 

Rock On (Greece)
  7.7 / 10 Rating in Soundcheck



Reviews and rankings


Deaf Forever (Ger)  - The July/August 2015 issue named the album one of the

 "Top 100 best U.S. Metal releases of all time"!


Heavy, Oder Was?! (Ger)   - “The best Power Metal album of the year!”

   -  Perfect 12 Rating and 2nd place out of 73 CDs in Soundcheck feature.


Headache (Holland) "...this band has written classics" 10 / 10  Rating


Metal Hammer (Italy)  6 / 6  Rating


Terrorizer (UK)  "...masterclass"  9 / 10 Rating


Sweden Rock Magazine  9 / 10 Rating


Rock Hard (Ger)    - “...captures the pure spirit of the original Heavy Metal...”  

   -  8.5/10 Rating and 5th place in Soundcheck



Scream (Norway)  4 / 6 Rating


Unrestrained (Canada)  8 / 10 Rating


Metal Hammer (Greece)  8 / 10 Rating


Aardschok (Holland) "True metal at its best" 78 / 100 rating



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